About our company

We're bespoke cabinet makers that have a CNC machine. It's a game changer for our busness, we want it to be a game changer for yours as well.

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About Jones CNC

At Jones CNC, we specialise in precision cutting of panel products. Our quick turnaround and cheap prices are why customers continue to use our services.

We work with all types of customers, from commercial to retail and trade.

We have the latest software that ensures absolute accuracy. This technology allows for fast, reliable turnaround, so you get your products quicker and can finish your projects quicker.

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About TJ Cabinet Makers

Jones CNC was born from TJ Cabinet Makers. Founded by Tom Jones, the company specialises in high-end furniture and cabinet design and making. They understand that each client is different and so create bespoke designs for each project, to the taste of each individual.

The attention to detail and care in each project has given Tom and his team a reputation for excellence.

Understanding clients needs, their turnaround expectations and demand for perfection is why investment in CNC software and machinery has been vital to meeting those needs.

Tom has more than 17 years experience in the industry and has built all types of cabinets. He knows what works and what doesn't, and he knows that CNC machine cut panels is a game changer for businesses.

Our value

Why our customers use us


Fast lead time

We understand the urgancy of clients and their projects, we're here to reduce time.


Great prices

Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market, get in touch for a quote.


Any project

We will consider any project, no matter the complexity. Get in touch to discuss yours.


Any material

Our CNC machine can cut all manners of materials, get in touch to discuss.


UK delivery

We can deliver your products nationwide, if it fits in a van, we'll get it to you.


Unique projects

CNC machines can rout anything you have in mind; words, patterns, just name it.

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Visit the workshop

Come and have a look at our workshop, where the CNC is housed and our team of cabinet makers work. We can discuss your project with a countryside view (and a coffee).

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